🇺🇲Sophia Correa, a star in the making

Often times, shyness can hinder the willingness of a person to try new things and to put oneself out there. But for Sophia Correa, it has been the total opposite. Her shyness is actually what brought her to her passion. Actress, screenwriter and producer from New Jersey, Correa, through her art, found an outlet that allowed her to get out of her comfort zone and tell whatever story that needs to be told.

Clouds_ movie cover_Correa Sisters
Sophia and Enjoli Corréa
Photo: Sophia Corréa

It was just a dream…

For about six years now, Sophia has immersed herself in the film world. She started writing her first independent screenplay three years ago; It took me like three years to start because I was afraid to mess it up. You know like how a bad rhythm gets stuck in your head but it’s still a bad rhythm? I didn’t want that to happen with the story. Then, she finally overcame her fear and wrote a screenplay for which she was able to get sponsors. She is proud to confirm that the shooting will start this summer!

More than a dream: a passion, a business

Far from being a pipe dream, Sophia sees her passion as a business. The 9 to 5 lifestyle? It’s not for her. She has found her path and is determined to follow it, there is no pitfall that will stop her journey in the seventh art. Though she admits that funds can be scarce when creating a project and that artists are often perceived as being weird (laughs), she is driven by her need to be heard, I like that there are so many stories to tell and so many ways to tell them. I think that’s fun she said.


So, not a day is the same in her line of work, Sophia can sometimes spend 16 hours straight on research and producer tasks while other days are spent in bed, cuddled up with her dog, watching movies made by people she’d like to work with. The best of both worlds, wouldn’t you say?

Sophia and Enjoli Corréa - Spotlight on festival 2017
Corréa Sisters
Photos: Corréa Sisters

To stay on top of the game: 3 simple rules

It’s well known, in the film industry many are called, but few are chosen. Therefore, the young actress shares three advice with anyone who wants to pursue their dreams: be nice to yourself, be kind to others and remember why you got started. Three simple rules to navigate a vast and complex field, three simple rules that seem to be working for her! In 2018, Sophia will be starring in an upcoming movie called Transit as the lead character, her first lead role but certainly not the last! We could be witnessing the beginnings of the next big Hollywood starlet! “ I’d love to meet Diddy or DJ Khaled”, she confessed, “They both have this air about them I really like .”

What could this future movie star put in her punch’? “ In my punch, I put mango, happiness and Hennessy!

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