Kadisha Onika Allen, better known as Trinisha Browne, is a Trinidadian independent artist. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago in April 1992 and was raised in Montreal.  In December 2016 she released her first solo EP, « Freewrite », under her artist name Trinisha Browne. Her second project, « Thought you should know », was released in March 2017. She has also performed at the Douglas Hall in LaSalle for the « Sharing Our Stories » event on October 26th. Her most recent appearance was at Club Lambi, on October 28th.


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Influenced by members of the church choir, Allen began singing early as a child.

Her early experiences also included writing poetry and acting at the Black Theatre Workshop in Montreal. Her music is her art/business and she spends every day learning different ways to grow as an artist. Between the singing music and rap, most of her creations are triggered by her emotions and beliefs. Her work is dreamy, very fresh and clear. She gives us access to a truly emotional world. Writing, recording and discovering new sounds are her favorite parts of her practice. However, she confesses that the creative process can have unpleasant sides.

Sitting on the same material for too long, having writer’s block and spending too much time outside the studio definitely take their toll on the artist.


Being a full-time artist is not the easiest path.

Certainly, the artist has the advantage to exercise in a profession that demands passion and diversity. Accordingly, there is a wide range of possibilities in the materiality of art and act of creation. Nevertheless, the process is obviously not all easy. The artist gives him/herself to the world, art becomes an extension, a projection of how he/she perceives his/her existence to the world and to others. It is therefore subject to the look and judgment of others. In a society where the efficiency of a person is based on their economic or material performance over a period of time, being an artist can be negatively perceived by people who are outside the field. Because it’s not just creating; it’s also thinking, trying to make sense of it. The work or the final product becomes a tangible proof of the sincerity of the artist’s commitment.


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The best part for Trinisha Browne is when the finished product is completed and ready to go. According to her, to launch such a business, it is important to believe in what you do, to enjoy the creating process, always remember that quality is important; and remember to invest in yourself. Putting into practice all those things allows her to believe that she’ll be able to live with her art. She will be opening for Azealia Banks on December 7th, at L’Olympia. In 2018, we can also expect her second project and new visuals.  The Punch Hour invites you to if you haven’t done so already) this talented artist Whose talent will take her to new heights!

 Êș In my punch I put strawberries, impatience and red wine. Êș – Trinisha Browne

Listen to Cash ruins, we are obcess with this song : Here🎧

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