đŸ‡șđŸ‡Č Podcast no. 12 : When business meets wellness

Our episode this week is happening in English! However, if health and wellness are of interest to you, you should definitely tune in this week, with a glass of punch, of course!

Kassandra Kernissan wellness instructor
Kassandra Kernissan wellness instructor

What is the deal with yoga? What does this practice have to do with the Afro communities? This week on the Punch Hour podcast, we delve into the world of health and wellness with Kassandra Kernisan, founder of Studio Alkemy Yoga & Wellness in Cîte-des-Neiges and creator of the Herb ‘N Beauty cosmetic line.


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Over a glass of punch, we spoke of her nomadic childhood, and how Kemetic yoga brought peace into her life. We also discussed the real origins of this ancient practice and how it can become a true lifestyle.



  • The mental and spiritual benefits of yoga far outweigh the fitness benefits.
  • There is very much a connection between yoga and the Black community.
  • Studio Alkemy teaches 3 types of yoga and they do NOT offer levels (beginner/Intermediate/Advanced). Guests are welcome to come as they are.
Kassandra Kernissan wellness instructor
Kassandra Kernissan wellness instructor

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Editing & recording: Nicolas Debrosse
Music: LeBackSpin + Greezy
Summary by Marie-Jude Salomon


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