🇺🇲 Podcast no. 19 : Laura Zamor, author of The Audacity to Finish

After a long break from our wonderful punch lovers, we’re returning with a captivating interview with U.S. born Laura Zamor, school counsellor and author of The Audacity to Finish. In this incredible memoir, Zamor—the daughter of Haitian immigrants—recounts the painful period in her early adulthood in which she found herself under a « spiritual attack » and how she found her way back to life and God.


Zamor graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelor’s in Rhetoric and Global Culture in 2011 and also holds a Master’s degree in Education. Her passion for writing dates back to her childhood when she used to write short stories and find out the characters’ motives. This quality comes in handy in her day job as a school counsellor, given that she deals with young Haitians who are going through identity-related issues and helps them by providing emotional intelligence tools. During our interview, Zamor confides that she was originally heading towards journalism—more precisely magazine writing—but her traumatic experience is what inspired her to go on to help people.


Laura Zamor during her 2018 tour at SLAYFestival2018 in Nigeria 

Due to growing up in a Christian home, Zamor was encouraged to build a close relationship with God. She attended churches of different denominations and was allowed to develop her own sense of identity in Christianity. At the height of her college career, beginning at the end of Junior year, she began suffering from strange physical afflictions, such as dizziness and insomnia. The symptoms eventually built up to fainting spells and memory loss. Zamor’s mental state wasn’t faring any better; the darkest stage of this crisis came with suicidal thoughts. The details concerning how and why this happened are safely kept in her book, but Laura is adamant about one thing: While it manifested itself by physical symptoms, her crisis was purely spiritual. During our interview, she goes deep into the distinction between depression and her profound, intense experience.

Therefore, the road to recovery was far from easy. Coming out from the other side, Zamor confesses the anger and betrayal she felt towards God, this omnipresent entity she considered her friend. She credits her healing journey in equal part to her entourage of ‘prayer warriors,’ made up of family members and close friends, and also her own will to speak with her most important ‘friend.



To hear the whole interview, listen here !



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