Miro LaFlaga and Ashley Philips  from  Miro LaFlaga & Ashgrxphics, two entities working together, bring a variety of original visual content to life and touch on anything from design, visual art, video and photography to develop brands and their identities. Their goal is to create visuals that turn heads and make their clients stand out. The duo is a colorful mix of ambition and art.
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This adventure began a year ago.

They spent tons of hours doing what they do:  Miro started out styling and then, quit his nine to five in order to pursue the Miro LaFlaga experience full time. Ash was doing freelance graphic design when they met. They gradually started taking on more and more projects together until this became their lifestyle. They are part of this generation of self-entrepreneur artists who, often lacking funding or infrastructure to create, decide to start their own business. This is a response to a need to see something different in the industry. They do it their own way, and the visual rendering is just baffling. This allows them creative freedom. Every new project is a different challenge and sharing with others is a way to constantly grow, learn and evolve creatively.

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As both artists confide, sometimes they have to take on several different roles at once, which can be challenging.

It can be difficult to work with people when you don’t know their level of passion and interest.  They also think the creative director job is easy because they focus on the final product and not on the design process. If people would learn about artistic creation issues through history from a young age. It seems to me that everyone would be able to understand the socio-economic and socio-cultural issues of creative work in our society.

Some things take time to progress, and some encounters can hurt a person’s integrity. Fortunately, on the flip side, there are successes that are not long in coming and whose results can be seen in a concrete way. This was the case when Miro and Ash organized and hosted a fundraiser together to raise money for the « Oasis des enfants de Rosemont » (an organization that supports children and their families in vulnerable situations and contributes to their development).


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They created a workshop and organized a creative photoshoot with the children who attended the youth centre.

Art, through artists, educates youth. « Follow and connect with creative people, find your niche and stick with it, be inspired but don’t copy. Find what makes you unique, know your value and don’t ever sell yourself short ». That is the advice Miro LaFlaga and Ashgrxphics would give to anyone starting out in the same field as they did. Just never give up on your goals!

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 In a will to have a greater influence and change the way people perceive creative people. And because it’s important for artists to be involved in their community. Miro and Ash will be hosting more events, live art shows and more community-based projects.

Finish this sentence: In my punch’ I put :

In our punch we put pineapple and grapes + boss b*tch and Moscato (preferably Barefoot).


 Photos : The Punch mĂ©dia Hour. During a video shoot for an African artist named Kenzow and his song “Makemba” at Studio Espace gris

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