đŸ‡șđŸ‡ČAlexander Sinora: technology, passion and the game

In 2018, to say that technology plays a major role in our lives would be an understatement.  Technology, the Internet and everything that comes with it are simply inevitable. For some people, it represents the outlet through which they can let their passion shine. This is the case for Alexander Sinora co-founder of Digilab Media. A digital web firm that aims to provide their clients with the digital presence they deserve.

A bit of juggling and a ton of passion

Having to juggle his time between a part-time job, full-time studies and his business, Alexander finds his motivation in his ability to help people show their passion to the world through the use of technology. “When people around me talk about how much they love what they’re doing, I can’t help myself but to help show it to the rest of the world”, he said. Also, Digilab Media allows him to build relationships with local companies and to find new ways of creating successful marketing campaigns for his clients, an aspect he particularly loves about his business. Although there are a lot of competitors in his field, Alexander sees it as an opportunity to stand out and to use his strong build relationships to underline his uniqueness. No challenge is seen as being negative for him as it is all part of the entrepreneurial process that he chose to embrace.

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All part of the game

Even though a tremendous amount of work is put towards his business, Alexander is aware that setbacks are part of the game. One of the main pitfalls that he encounters in his business is losing a contract: “We can build a really solid marketing campaign for a client and the perfect website preview for them and still don’t close the contract because they might not be ready yet to go forward”. Nevertheless, being able to not only choose whom he works with but to work with his good friend is a source of pride that brings out the best of this young entrepreneur. On this note, Alexander gives three bits of advice to start in his field:

  1. Relationships are more important than money: take the time to nurture them
  2. Market research: make sure to analyze the pricing/offering of the competitors in your area
  3. Be on the edge of the industry: Stay up to date on the latest design from around the world and bring them to your client

With the firm intention of bringing his business to new heights through hard work and dedication, Alexander’s only wish for 2018 is pretty straightforward: good health.

So what could this next marketing genius put in his punch?

“In my punch, I put mangoes, determination and Hennessy!”

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